“It was during those darkest moments in my life when IDFC FIRST Bharat helped me focus to see the light and gave me the courage to go forward”

Read More Ms. Sathya has been a member of IDFC FIRST Bharat since 5 years, belonging to the Elampillai Branch in the Salem region. She and her husband have been daily wage workers from 2001. In 2009, she availed 5 loans in her tenure which she used efficiently to buy sarees from a wholesale outlet and sell them to retailers and customers. She and her husband have been instrumental in building their business smoothly and successfully, by which they are able to support their family better and thank IDFC FIRST Bharat for their continued support.
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“The essence of all beautiful art is gratitude and Lakshmi and her family thank IDFC FIRST Bharat for showing her the road to success”

Read More Ms. Lakshmi has been a member of IDFC FIRST Bharat for the last 3 years and runs a Carpet making business. She got orders and receives raw material from Companies, stitches it and deliver the finished products to them. She and her husband Mr. Sasikumar employ 4 individuals to produce these carpets. She earns nearly Rs.600 a day and wishes to avail more loans to be able to buy the raw material required and increase her profit so she can fulfill her ambition of making her children Computer Engineers.
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"I was unhopeful about my future until I meet IDFC FIRST Bharat which showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to take this light to many helpless women like me in my society."

Read More Ms.Chitra has been in association with IDFC FIRST Bharat for about a decade. After the loss of her husband, her life become miserable. She and her three children were socially excluded by her family members. She was helpless and unhopeful untill she got the helping hand from IDFC FIRST Bharat. Her decade long association with IDFC FIRST Bharat helped her to establish a bakery shop from which she earns about Rs.20,000. She is not only happy with her return to the social mainstream but is highly confident of establishing a trouble free future for her children.
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Ms. Tamil Selvi

"IDFC FIRST Bharat has inspired me to be brave and courageous. With a greatful heart, my family and I wish to thank IDFC FIRST Bharat for the timely help."

Read More Ms. Tamil Selvi has been a member of IDFC FIRST Bharat for over 4 years. She is trained beautician; however she did not have the money and resources to start her business. She heard about IDFC FIRST Bharat from her neighbours and availed loans to start up her beauty parlor and slowly but steadily expanded. She now has a vegetable shop and a beauty parlor which was possible from the loans she received from IDFC FIRST Bharat.
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"What stands between a person and their what stands between a person and their goals is the will to try, IDFC FIRST Bharat for the support to advance and improve the quality of my life.”

Read More Ms. Padma has been a member of IDFC FIRST Bharat for the last 3 months. She manages a small Areca processing business for the past 12 years. She availed her first loan of Rs. 15,000/- in a bid to expand her business. She intends to take advantage of the loans given by IDFC FIRST Bharat and wishes to expand her business and broaden her sales network.
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"As we express our gratitude to IDFC FIRST Bharat, We will never forget the timely help rendered to us and our highest appreciation is not in the words we utter, but to live gratefully."

Read More Ms. Kala has been a member of IDFC FIRST Bharat for over 2 years and along with her husband and son manage a sculpture making and selling business. She is very impressed by the loan process and repayment structure. She wishes to avail a bigger loan and expand her business and improve the quality of her family life.
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“I find great comfort and ease in the lending methods and policies of IDFC FIRST Bharat”

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