Consumer Durable Loan

Turn your dreams into reality with an IDFC FIRST Bank Consumer Durable Loan. With flexible and long tenures of up to 36 months and loan amounts ranging from *₹3,000 up to ₹5 lakhs, our loans are centered around your needs. You can easily apply for our Consumer Durable Loan online, get instant approval in 2 minutes, and avail a host of features and benefits.

Live your best life with IDFC FIRST Bank.

• No Cost EMI

• Flexible Tenures

• Instant Approval

• Pre-set Credit Limit

• Dynamic Credit Limit

• Limitless Financing

How to Apply?

Loan application procedure for a consumer durable loan is very simple. You can apply from any of the following option:

Check eligibility online

• Step 1: Choose a Product

• Step 2: Enter your mobile number for OTP verification

• Step 3: Upload the required documents

• Step 4: Fill in the personal details

• Step 5: When your Consumer Loan application is accepted, visit our representative at the nearest store

Eligibility Criteria:

• Minimum Age: 21 years

• Maximum Age: Salaried 60 years & Self-Employed 65 years

• Salaried or self-employed individual/professional with a regular source of income


Proof of Identity: (Any one of the below Officially Valid Document (OVD))

• Aadhaar Card

• Driving License

• Voter ID

• Passport

• Job ID Card issued by NREGA

• National Population Register

Proof of Address (Any one of the below *OVD document):

• Aadhaar Card

• Driving License

• Voter ID

• Passport

• Job ID Card issued by NREGA

• National Population Register

Deemed OVD:

• Property or Municipal Tax Receipt

• Utility Bill: Latest or not more than 2 months old (Electricity, Telephone, Piped Gas, Water Bill, Post-paid Mobile Bill)

• Pension or family pension payment orders

• Letter of Allotment of accommodation from employer

With simple procedures, the savings account is opened with IDFC Bank within minutes. Opting for RSDS, enables the clients to open savings account and the amount saved is deposited at IDFC bank. The passport photo and KYC document, provided while getting JLG loan is accepted as the proof document and there is no need not provide a separate document. Every account holder has to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 100/- in their savings account.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Every account holder can save at multiples of hundred from Rs 100/- up to Rs. 1,000/-. The IBL staff will collect weekly saving amount along with the JLG loan installment at every centre meeting which is credited into the savings account of the customer. Further, money can be withdrawn at any nearby Micro ATM or IBL branch and for every transaction made, a receipt is provided to the client as a proof of every transaction.


Interest on savings is provided and the accumulated interests will be deposited in the client's savings account as according to the bank norms. No penalty or charges are deducted for the unpaid savings due. Further the clients can also make use Net banking /Mobile banking for transfer of their funds and vice versa. A SMS alert is sent to the client's registered mobile number confirming the transaction. Clients can also check their savings balance by dialling *99# or send SMS to 5676732.